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Get closer to customers
  • In modern retail having a "digital" relationship is a simple way of maintaing a strong personal relationship with your customers
  • If you understand their shopping patters, their prefered products and habits you can encourage them to spend more with you, more often
  • Using our mobile app (MyBrackley) you can engage with your customers at times that better suit your business. Our innovative 'Instant Promotions' allow you to send out an offer designed to encourage your customers to visit at times you are quiet
  • Experiences build strong relationships - the airline industry has long accepted this. Offer special events to your key customers and they will form a stronger relationship with your brand
  • Significant research shows that customers who engage with you in the right way and build a relationship with you will be less price sensitive
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    Reach out to more local consumers - your customers
  • The MyBrackley App will help bring your customers to you; the app includes google mapping showing your business and it's location.
  • By posting regular blogs, promotions or updates to BackBrackley, potential customers will see your name and your brand at times when they are looking to shop, wether that's whilst they are in the town via our app or when they are at home browsing options
  • relevant promotions and offers drive spend in other area's, increasing overall sales and profit
  • And the more you use BackBrackley to promote your business the more often your customers, both existing and new, will see your brand and will want to visit your business
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    Offer special events to special customers
  • Loyalty is not just offering £10 off for every £100, loyalty is building relationships. You are a local business, offering top quality goods to local people. Using the MyBrackley app, you can understand who your key customers are and offer them specialised and personalised events that build true loyalty.
  • If your customers are using their MyBrackley app every time they spend, you build a detailed picture of who these top customers are that will allow you to engage with them far more effectivly.
  • Work with your suppliers to create New Product Development sessions that allow you the change to trial new products, with your suppliers, and again make your key customers feel valued and appreciated - building more loyalty
  • This loyalty benefits both parties, your customers feel great becuase you are making them feel valued and in return they will be more loyal to you
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    Social Media is powerful but timeconsuming and difficult
  • but it's not. can take care of all your social media activity. Load promotions, blogs, updates and offers to Backbrackley and they will automatically get loaded into Facebook and Twitter via our specialised and locally focused accounts - reaching all of our "likes". A click each and the promotion will also be on your twitter and facebook feeds. Potentially double the exposure for no additional effort or money
  • FB might seem cheap, but they have strict limits to who will see your posts without paying quite large amounts per post. By directing promotions and offers straight at local people via our app, our website and twitter and Facebook your message will reach far more people at a fraction of the cost
  • All promotions or offers, all blog entries can be re-posted to Social media, meaning that your message will be viewed far more often than if you tried to manage your social media presence yourself
  • Behind the scenes we can track the performance of social posts and by linking "hashtags" with your posts, wether they are promotions or stories BackBrackley will help you manage and improve your social media profile
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    The majority of customers now rely on their mobile phone You are an independent local retailer or businessman, your customers all live in our local community so why waste time and money using marketing tools that don't focus on the local area.
    In todays retail world your marketing strategy must be based on engaging with customers using many different channels. For the modern succesful retailer Promotions, Vouchers, Offers and Experiences are key elements of the marketing toolset. But to be succesful the retailer must receive real-time information on the customers who are engaging with your marketing actions and BackBrackley can provide live reporting on all transtions.
    And there is no point wasting time and money on marketing activities that won't reach your core market.
    Your Story, your brand, your message
  • Your brand is your most important asset in business, but how do you communicate what your brand means and what it stands for? You have no real marketing budget. The cheapest and easiest way is to tell stories, stories that humanise and personalise your brand and communicates what your brand is.
  • With the local reach of BackBrackley supporting your story you will get your message and your brand to far more people, espeically when using our support for all the main social media sites.
  • Using our promotions and offers engine, you can then add real weight and power to your story, supporting your message with real benefits to new and potential customers. The combination creates a very powerful value proposition that will create real engagement with customers at a human level.
  • Make your story compelling enough, and remember you build your message over time, over repeated tellings, and your customers will share it with their friends
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    This is a powerful and ultra-local marketing tool designed by and for small and independent businesses
  • MyBrackley is a new and powerful mobile app designed by and for small, independant businesses
  • In today's competitive retail work simply offering blind loyalty offerings isn't enough. You need a full spectrum of offerings, whether it's promotions, vouchers, event's and stories all delivered via the web, mobile phones or social media
  • Only the MyBrackley app can do all of these and be 100% targeted towards local consumers, the people who are your customers
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    Know who your customers are and what they want Do you know who is shopping in your store? Do you know who spends the most with you and who spent last month but isn't spending this month? Simply offering "facebook" promotions and hoping for the best isn't enough now, MyBrackley is a unique mobile app that can deliver real time offers and promotions 24 hours a day if necessary, keeping your brand in front of local consumers when it matters most, when they are on the high street or are looking to spend. Click for More
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    Footfall is key in driving sales But to drive footfall your customers need to know about you, what you sell and where you are. You know you have a great product but do your customers? Wether its our website or our Mobile App "MyBrackley" we can put your name, your brand and your message in front of thousands of potential customers daily. Click for More
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    Customers expect more than money off For local stores to truly compete in an online marketplace, you need to be able to offer something that the online and chain stores cannot. Research shows that engaged customers will spend more with you and are less likely yo chase the lowest cost deals. By using the MyBrackley all retailers in Brackley can engage with local consumers through targeted promotions and events and in doing so build stronger relationships with the customers who matter. Click for More
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    Make social media work for you Facebook, twitter and pinterest are three of the most powerful tools to hit the retail and business world and bring unprecedented access to your customers. Are you making full use of these great tools without spending all day wasting time posting things yourself. MyBRackley is designed to drive the social side of social media and use Social Media as it's supposed to be used, utilising the power of local online networks to spread your message with minimal effort from you. And if you're not sure how to use Social Media, it get's even better as BackBrackley does it all automatically for you. Click for More
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    Supporting an omni-channel and ultra-local marketing strategy
  • Mobile phones are not longer just phones, indeed they are barely phones now. They are mobile price comparison sites, mobile shopping malls, mobile event managers.
  • To reach new customers you need to be reaching them via their phone, getting your story onto their mobile device and offering relevent events and promotions that really appeal to customers.
  • MyBrackley is a powerful localised Mobile App
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